2019, Same Unmotivated Me

Oh hey there, welcome to the blog on my website that I 'launched' on December 28th. Launched is in soft quotes because I didn't really do anything besides upload three necklaces and tell people I launched. I have so much more product to add and ideas and things to make, but I've spent most of my days laying around waiting until I have to get up and go to work, so here we are. Why am I telling you all this? I wanted my own website so I could have a blog. I've been constantly questioned about why not an Etsy. Nothing wrong with Etsy, I've made several purchases there myself, but I wanted this, some kind of personal connection. One of my favorite parts of craft shows is being able to connect with the people that come by my booth, whether they are going to buy something or not. I love talking about rocks, herbal remedies, the stars, peoples' lives, pretty much anything magical. And while a blog isn't as intimate as that, for me it's a similar concept. You stop by to see what I say and if you want to respond, you can. My future plans for this blog is to highlight different stones, both via science and magic, to talk about herbs, astrology, and the things that inspired me to start all of this. But occasionally, it's going to be more personal. I can make excuses all day about my delay to messages or product inquiries, and I know that makes me a poor business owner thus far, but it is what it is and sometimes I just suck. At the beginning of December I moved, I was able to fit in a few local holiday shows, but I just fell down the rabbit hole and now I'm just chilling down here. I'm working on getting back up to actually accomplish things, but sometimes those battles have to start small. Like as small as getting out of bed. Today I got out of bed. Maybe tomorrow I can be something more. Just know I haven't forgotten about you guys, and the next blog post will have more meaning and be more uplifting. *shrugs*

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