Hello there, February.

I do not claim to be well versed in Pagan traditional holidays, but I'm working on it. So with that being said, welcome Imbolc. Imbolc traditions are originally Gaelic, and in a very brief explanation, the idea is it is the welcoming of light directly in between the winter and spring equinox. The goddess has been resting in the earth and is awakening to be born again with the spring. This is traditionally where the idea of 'spring cleaning' comes in as we pick up clutter we gain through the holiday season/winter and prepare for brighter days. The most simple way to celebrate is to light some candles and have a large feast. But if your are more keen into adding some extra intention/magic into your life, you can also do anything of the following:

I read a lovely recipe for a traditional lavender milk tea.

You can find it here:

Purifying, floral ritual baths are also common. Head to Lush or any department store and grab your favorite floral bath bomb. If you want to make it a little more organic to the ritual, you can create a bath tea with any of the following herbs: roses, lavender, cinnamon, chamomile, rosemary, and/or sage. You can simple add them to the hot water and soak in their benefits. Light some candles to provide more natural lighting as opposed to the regular lights in your bathroom. In this ritual bath, the idea is the water is supposed to cleanse oneself and absorb any negativity so that when the bath is over, your negativity goes down the drain. It is encouraged to play a favorite playlist (preferably instrumental), but this is what I have been listening to today:

If you are in an area where there is snow, you can create simple snow spells. Write out what you want to achieve this year in single words (ex: prosperity, love, healing, birth, etc.). The earth will absorb your intentions and help bring them to light as spring blooms.

Spring cleaning! Pick up that clutter, organize your shit, and cleanse your living space. Sage is the obvious go to, but I also love Palo Santo. Or you do you, and burn your favorite smelling incense/candle. The idea is that the smoke will suffocate any negative energy left in your space. However, you have to clean first because negative energy gets clumped (and grows) in clutter.

Right after the sunset, light a candle in each room of your home for a few minutes to symbolize the days getting longer a little bit each day with the fire of the sun.

Eat! Feast upon this day to welcome the awakening of the goddess and enjoy yourself some fresh bread, a warm meal, and a glass of wine or spiced cider (or red wine with spiced cider, which is delicious).

Ultimately, it is up to you. That's the beautiful thing about practicing a craft, there are no limitations and you cannot do it wrong. If you are interested in celebrating the day, tons of rituals are just a simple google search away. Whatever you do with your day today, I always wish you all the best.

Love&Light Earth Friends

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